Office Max Really Needs Better Help

I have just returned from errands in town, one of which was a package that needed to go out Fed-Ex.  Now  I’m home and just have to vent this one…

I carry my rather large package ( affixed with a pre-paid Fed-Ex label) into my local Office Max Store and take place in the pretty much always long line at the Print Center.  After about 5 minutes into the wait, a Store Associate looks up and motions for me to leave the package on the counter.

Me:  Actually, I have a question about this package and I’ll continue to wait.

Associate:  Oh, ok.

Finally my turn comes up!

Associate:  What do you need?

Me:  This package has a pre-paid label, but I don’t know what these other stickers are for.  Do I keep them or put them on the box?

Associate:  I don’t know.  I’ve never seen that before.

Me:  Can you find out?  This is an important package and I don’t want anything to happen to it.

Associate:  No, we aren’t Fed-Ex.

Me:  Well the sign says “FED-EX Ship Center”, so I assumed you helped people ship packages.

Associate:  I don’t work for Fed-Ex.

Me:  (after giving up and deciding to keep the stickers) Well, do you feel this is a safe box to ship with. This is breakable.  Do you have a box I can purchase or a Fed-Ex box that will fit it?

Associate:  (looks at me like I’m about half nuts) I don’t know.

Me:  Well isn’t this the Fed-Ex Ship Center?

Associate:  We are Office Max.  Fed-Ex has a guarantee to $100, do you want more insurance?

Me:  No, it is only worth $40, but how can you sell me Fed-Ex Insurance if you aren’t Fed-Ex?

Associate:  (ignores my comment) Well, is that all?  Do you want a receipt?

Me:  Yes, a receipt would be good.

Associate:  Of course we aren’t Fed-Ex, so it really isn’t going to do much.

Me:  Right, because I’m sending my package, with a Fed-Ex Label from a Fed-Ex Center that really isn’t Fed-Ex.

Associate:  Yes.

Me:  You should take down the Fed-Ex sign.  Goodbye

WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!!!   I think Office Max should really bump up their “we’re hiring” campaign…


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