Shape Magazine Subscripiton Deal

From now through tomorrow night, Tanga will be offering a discounted year long subscription (12 issues) to Shape Magazine for only $2.50!! Use the code name SHAPE at checkout.

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Free Full Sized Drain Cleaner


Dash on over here and get yourself a free bottle of Marietta Drain Cleaner!  I have no idea how legitimate this one is, but it appears real.  You will get a pop up at the end for “Quality Health”.  I would NOT click that one.


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New Coupon Booklet Available at Target


Target Shoppers – keep your eyes out for this coupon book (being given out at the registers).  The coupons expire 12-31:


$1.00/1- 15 oz. or larger Market Pantry juice/juice cocktail
$1.00/1 Swanson Flavor Boost
$1.00/3 Birds Eye frozen vegetables
$1.00/2 Mrs. Smith’s Pre-Baked or Edwards Premium frozen pies
$1.00/2 McCormick items (Red-capped spice/herb, Food color, or Extract)
$1.00/1 -10 to 12 oz. Starbucks packaged coffee
$3.00/1- 24 oz. or larger Archer Farms nuts
$1.00/2 -25.4 oz. Archer Farms sparkling juices
$1.00/1- 4 oz. or larger Archer Farms crackers
$2.00/1 Kitchen tool or gadget (Giada De Laurentiis for Target. KitchenAid. Oxo. Excludes kitchen appliances and cutlery.)
$5.00 off Tabletop purchase of $20 or more (Dinnerware. Flatware. Glassware. Serveware.)
$5.00 off Table linens purchase of $15 of more (Tablecloths, Placemats, Runners, Cloth napkins.)
10% off $19.99 or higher kitchen appliance
$1.00/1- 12 oz. Archer Farms cocoa mix
$1.00/3- 2-liter sodas (7UP, A&W, Canada Dry, Sun Drop, and Sunkist.)
$1.00/2- 5 oz. or larger Sun-Maid dried fruit items
$1.00 Purchase of BOTH Ziploc holiday-themed bags/containers AND Betty Crocker cookie mix
$1.00/2 Duncan Hines or Comstock items (Duncan Hines cake mix or frosting or Comstock fruit filling.)

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Blog update

Looks like my network connection is going to stay this time.  I am finished with my emergency freelance job, but do have apps out for more.  Planning to come back late this afternoon as I have to go to my regular job today (my termination is extended by a few weeks – at least that was the last thing I was told)  As it stands right now I am only available to blog when I’m not working or looking for more work.

I realize that I never posted the drugstore ads, but that is because I haven’t gone there myself.  As stated earlier on Facebook – there just isn’t any routine to my life right now.

I do plan to keep up with the product reviews and giveaways regularly and have several to write up for you within this next week.  So even though it isn’t the swiftest “freebie” blog right now, there will be fresh content coming available for you to read.

Hopefully I will talk to you all later today – Happy deal hunting!!

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Personalized Christmas Gifts

Personalization Mall‘s gifts are as unique as the person receiving it. The majority of the designs they offer were created by our team of talented artists, and available only on our website. Their revolutionary preview technology takes the guess work out of personalization, by allowing you to see what your gift will look like, personalized with your details, before you buy it.

I went over and checked it out.  They really do have some cute things over there.  I liked the Santa List!

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Network Troubles

Playing computer tech this afternoon…  be back when I can patch this thing up…

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$5 off any $5 Purchase at Gap Kids

For those of you who live near Gap – here is a great coupon you can get for $5 off any in store purchase of $5 or more.  Just head over to their Facebook page and share this deal with at least one other person.  After you share the offer, they will send you a reward code for $5 off (it will show up in your email).

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Swagbucks Friday!!


Ok friends, it is Friday (new members get 110 swagbucks) and that means Mega Swagbucks Day!  I know there are some of you who haven’t joined.  I highly encourage you to reconsider.  For those who don’t know what it is:  Swagbucks is a search engine.  They randomly reward you for doing searches and much more.  You can watch ads (which suprisingly are kind of interesting), you can shop through their site and sometimes you can just GO to their site and earn swag bucks each time.  These bucks can be redeemed for merchandise and gift cards.  Amazon is probably the most popular Swagbucks reward.   Every Friday Swagbucks increases the rewards (both amount and chances to win them).


It takes very little time and effort to accumulate points and you can start cashing in very quickly.  Some people are Swagbuck obssesive!  I am a very passive user and already have enough bucks for $15 Amazon card.

Here is how I do it:

Install the toolbar (yes, they will give you  points for that too).  From time to time type in a search word there – I like to type in “yahoo” when I am gonna go to my mail account or “facebook” when I’m going to go there, then I click the links.  About 25% of the time I will get from 5 to 12 Swagbucks on those clicks.  You also make 1 point every day just for having the toolbar.  Occasionally I play an Ad on their site.


Become a fan on Facebook and they will notify you of random codes they put out every day.  They will give you clues on how to find them.  Once you have one, click the Swagbucks icon on the toolbar and enter the code.   While you are on the site, vote in the daily poll and you will get 1 point.


If you have extra time while you are on the site – watch an ad (it can run in the background) – they reward you a couple of points for each one.


You are really missing out by not using it.  It is probably the simplest way to earn Amazon credits that there is!  So sign UP already!!

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