There are Internet Sites that will reward you for doing things you already do on the Internet anyway.  They can be a fun and easy way to save up some extra spending money.  Check out the other menu headings for links and details for specific sites.

I would also recommend signing up for Consumer Loyalty Programs for any store you purchase from regularly.  These programs allow you to accumulate points or credits towards future purchases.  Sometimes being a part of these programs will get you special coupons and discounts as well.

It is a good idea to create a separate email account to use for these types of programs.  I like to keep separate addresses for points programs, surveys and grocery coupons.  You can’t help but get some of it mixed together, but it does keep things more organized.

“Surfing for Pay” or “Click to Earn” sites typically reward you for browsing or searching through their web site.  Payment is typically awarded as points that can be redeemed for merchandise, magazine subscriptions or gift cards.  Most will have some sort of point threshold that will need to be met before you can cash them in.  I like to cash my points in for Amazon Gift Codes where possible since Amazon allows you to stack multiple promotion codes in your account and use them as needed.

Cash Back Shopping sites offer a list of major online retailers to shop from.  They reward you for clicking to them through their site and making a purchase.  If you make a lot of online purchases then it is worth using one of these sites.  You can maximize your savings by combining online coupon codes and shopping through these types of links.

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