Cash Back Shopping

Cash back shopping sites offer a percentage of your purchase price back in cash as a reward for shopping through their site.  Most of them send you a check when your account reaches a certain balance.  They affilate with most all big name stores – Sears, Staples, Kohls, etc..  Some of the sites offer different stores than others, but they are all pretty similar.   Watch for eligible coupon codes that can be stacked onto your purchase from these sites.

The main factors to consider when choosing which site to jump from are:  What percentage you will get back for your particular store and how much do i need in my account to cash out.  Shop around and choose your site accordingly.

Big Crumbs is a newer shopping site, but it looks pretty good.  They offer a higher percentage back on some stores as compared to some of the other sites.  Big Crumbs is great for the Ebay buyer because they pay you 20% of the seller’s price for any auction you win.  They pay you monthly, but there is a one month delay before you start to receive the earnings.

Ebates is one of the older cash back shopping sites out there.  They give you $5.00 to sign up, but it takes a while to get paid.  They automatically pay out 4 times per year, but your account must have more than $5.00 in it (they do not count your sign on bonus).  I used to use Ebates a lot, but stopped when they refused to pay on a large ticket purchase through because I used an online coupon code.  I can say that it had worked in the past so they are worth consideration.

Mr. Rebates offers over 2,000 online merchants to choose from.  Rebates will show as “pending” until you actually receive the purchase.  It typically takes about a week after that for the rebates to appear.  You can request to cashout any time your account balance reaches $10.00.  The funds are transferred to Paypal so you will need a Paypal account.

Upromise is a little different than the above sites because you can also load electronic coupons to your grocery store cards.  The funds earned from shopping and coupons are accumulated into a savings account.  It is intended to be a college savings account, but you can request a check from them if you prefer.  The digital coupons change monthly and it is certainly worth loading them onto your store cards even if you don’t see them come off at the register.

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