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Swagbucks is one my favorite sites and a fun way to earn cash and prizes.  Users randomly earn points by doing Internet searches from the Swag site or by using a tool bar you can easily install to your browser from there.  They also release swag codes several times during the day, which you will have to find using various clues.  Complete tasks or purchase items from retailers listed on their site to earn even more codes.  Points are redeemable for gift cards to popular stores, including Amazon.  Swag points add up pretty fast and they are particularly generous on Fridays, which is known as “Mega Swagbucks Day”.  If you use the Internet for shopping or searching then I highly recommend getting a free Swagbucks account.

Beruby is an easy way to get paid for surfing to some of your favorite Internet Sites.  I have it set as my home page in Internet Explorer.  You can create a favorites page of many popular sites such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo and YouTube.  It works out to about a penny for each site you click per day.  You can also earn extra through adding people to your Network.  Once you reach $10 you can request payment through Paypal.

My Points Rewards is one of the first rewards sites I started using way back in 1998.   You accumulate points by clicking links they send to you in an email.  More points can be earned by shopping through their website and they often run specials for extra points when promoting certain stores.  My Points also sends out surveys that you can fill out for points, but I rarely take them as they tend to be long.  I will cover surveys in another section.  Rewards are paid through gift cards to many popular retailers.  I usually redeem mine for Amazon or Starbucks credit.

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