Consumer Loyalty Programs

Make sure you sign up for any loyalty programs that your favorite retailer might offer.  Many of these will allow you to accumulate points and/or credits for merchandise they carry and may eventually net you a freebie on something you would otherwise buy anyway.  I also recommend getting on an email list for your favorite stores, brands and restaurants (use a separate email account).  Being on mailing lists is a great way to get coupons.

Ace Rewards – Ace has a Loyalty Card, which you will get after you sign up.  You accumulate bonus points for every purchase, which you cash in for coupons.  They occasionally send you coupons throughout the year.  Ace also has a nice rebate program on some of their products (changes monthly)and you can submit electronically.

Autozone Rewards – Sign up for the Autozone Rewards Club at your nearest store and then register the number online.  You will earn points on each purchase that can be redeemed for rewards.  They also send coupon links to your email.  Right now they offer $10 off any $50 purchase for members.

Starbucks offers a rewards program through their website.  Create an account there and they will mail you coupons (you will get a free product coupon on your birthday).  Register your gift cards there and accumulate rewards for free items.  The will also send you a periodic coupon in the mail.

Coca Cola offers a program called My Coke Rewards. After you register at the site, you enter the codes found under bottle caps and cartons of any Coca Cola Product, including Powerade.  You accumulate points for free products, magazine subscriptions and merchandise.  You can also use your points to enter sweepstakes for prizes.

Arbies Extras – This is an email list.  They will email you special coupons that you can print out.

Autozone – You can sign up for an Autozone Rewards Card and they will reward your purchases with coupons for more merchandise.

Best Buy Rewards Zone – Offers a Loyalty Card.  You accumulate points on each purchase and cash them in for discounts off merchandise.  You can also enter your card number to accumulate or cash in points on online purchases.  They offer a variety of special deals and point earning opportunities for members.

Big Lots Buzz Club – Earn points for a 20% off certificate as well as a few other member perks.

Folgers Waking Up – This is an email list.  They will send you occasional emails with recipes and promotions.

Famous Footwear – Earn points for a 25% off certificate.  They also offer an ad preview, special sales and various point earning opportunities.

Hallmark Gold Crown – Earn points on every purchase and extra points for cards.  They have different perks for different levels.

JCPenney’s Rewards – This is an email list, but you do register your Penney’s card and any other forms of payment you use at JCPenney.  You accumulate points that are tracked through those cards and cash in for gift certificates.

Kashi Community – This is an email list, but they do occasionally send you an invite to try out a sample of one of their products.

Loreal Hair Color – Enter codes to earn a free box of haircolor. You can put in 2 codes per month.(If you buy the same type and color, the codes are the same)

Office Depot Work Life Rewards – Earn 1% back on purchases and redeem for an Office Depot Gift Card.

Office Max Perks – Earn points on every purchase and redeem for store credit.  They offer a number of promotions to earn extra points on various products throughout the year.  These points do expire however and you have to remember to go in and redeem them.

Sonic Cruisers – This is an email list.  Sign up for an account and they will occasionally send you a coupon and a freebie on your birthday.

Stouffers Dinner Club Enter the codes of the inside of Stouffers meal boxes to earn points towards free prizes and free products.  They give you 100 points for signing up.

Victoria’s Secret Pink Club – Join their email list and they will send you special coupons regularly and a coupon for a free pantie every few months.

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