Consumer Panels

Consumer Panels are similar to Survey Companies except they typically focus on a particular product, service or area of discussion.  Most are community focused and have a blog like character to them.   These companies encourage you to promote and discuss their products.  Many also require some sort of forum participation or response to the surveys they send out.

Some Panels are actually operated through the company that sponsors the product (ie- proctor and gamble, johnson and johnson, etc.).  Others are geared towards certain demographics (age, race, gender) and some are just category specific (health, beauty, etc..).

Most, but not all of them send either coupons or products in exchange for your participation.  Surveys are often sent out as a pre-qualifiers to a product test and you may not even know it until you get to the end.  If you are selected for a product test then you will be required to fill out a survey upon completion of the trial.  Sometimes they will email it to you and other times you will need to log in to their site and reply there.   Compensation can be in the form of a check, points or maybe just the item they send you.

It is important to stay active in these panels in order to continue to receive invites.  The more you contribute, the more you get back.

You can find a list of some of these Panels by clicking here.

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