Manufacturers will often offer a rebate on one or more of their products.  A rebate is simply an offer to refund you for all or part of the purchase price for the specified product.  Occasionally the manufacturer will offer you another type of incentive like coupons or a prize.  Often people (including myself) will classify these incentives as rebates as well.

The nice thing about rebating is that it gives you the opportunity to try a product that you may not otherwise use.  Manufacturer’s offer them for exactly that reason.  They want you to try and like their products.

One thing a lot of people don’t know about rebates is that most manufacturers will refund the full (before coupon) price of the product you purchased.  It doesn’t always happen, but if you combine your rebate purchase with a few other items, the processing company usually doesn’t have much way to tell which coupon was used for a particular item.  By combining a good sale and coupon towards a rebate item you can actually come out ahead on some of these purchases.

You will need to meet all of the manufacturer’s requirements in order to receive the rebate and it is important to read their instructions carefully.  Please look at the Tips section for a few suggestions on things to watch for:

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