Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler Review and Giveaway

Today I’m going to tell you about the new Hidden Recycler from Rubbermaid.  Some of my favorite household products are manufactured by Rubbermaid – my BPA free water bottle (for my morning smoothie),  laundry tote and most of my storage containers.  I like Rubbermaid products because they are durable and rarely need replacing.  I have been using the the Hidden Recycler for about a week, but I think it made my favorites list within the first 24 hours.  Let me tell you a little about this innovative new product:

The Hidden Recycler attaches to the inside of a cabinet door to collect recyclables out of sight and keeps your counters clear. The bag is durable, machine washable, and made of recycled material. Collect your recyclables and then easily lift the bag from the lid and cabinet by the handle to take them out to your recycle bin.  Here is an overview of the features:

  • Hinged lid attaches to cabinet door with over the door hooks or screws
  • Bag is made from 65% post-consumer resin
  • Bag is machine washable
  • Comfortable handle for transport
  • 5 gallon bag holds 36 uncrushed cans and is large enough to fit 1 gallon milk jugs
  • Great for single stream recyclers
  • Great for apartment living
I don’t know about you, but our recycle bin is not conveniently located to the kitchen.  It isn’t uncommon at all to pile milk jugs, soup cans and cereal boxes on the kitchen counter to be carried to the bin at a later time.  Rubbermaid must have been thinking about my family when they designed this product because it completely eliminated that unsightly habit.  Now we just open the cabinet door, lift the recycler lid and toss the items in.  It holds several days worth of our recyclable kitchen trash and has a waterproof lining – a great idea since Mr. Messy here is famous for not pouring the last bit of soda out of the bottles and cans!  When it gets full I just lift out the bag and dump it into the big bin in the Utility Room.  It keeps things clean and simple and that is a huge plus for me.

So how hard was it to put together?  It wasn’t.  I am the absolute worst at reading assembly instructions and I had this thing together in about 3 minutes.  You just slide the frame under the flaps, secure the tabs in the fabric slits, slide on the lid and then the door hooks – easy peasy!  I should mention that the door hooks don’t have a real wide gap, so if your cabinets are especially thick then they might not slide over.  That’s no problem though because you can secure the frame with screws if you want.  Here is an actual image of the parts list included with the instructions (see, I told you it was simple):

Like with most things I just had to find an alternate use for it.  This one just happened by accident.  When I first received this product our bottom kitchen cabinets were in pieces due to having to remove the doors to fix the plumbing.  I assembled the bag and hung it on a door in our laundry area and found that it worked great for storing dirty rags.  It kept the laundry in our hamper away from the heavily soiled rags we were using to clean the plumbing mess.  I plan to get another one to use for just that purpose (dirty rags).

You can purchase the Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler directly from Rubbermaid’s Web Site for $17.99.  There are also links there to find local and online retailers that carry it.  Be sure to visit Rubbermaid on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about this and other products.  Rubbermaid also has a nice Adventuress in Organization Blog where you can learn about all things organized!

The generous folks at Rubbermaid would like to give a Hidden Recycler to one of my readers to try for themselves.  I am giving you several different chances to win one.  Just follow the Rafflecopter instructions below (make sure to click “I did this” after each entry or it won’t be counted).  This giveaway will close at 11:59:00 p.m. EST on 04-17-2012 and I will email the winner the next day.  The winner must respond within 48 hours or an alternate will be drawn.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Rubbermaid provided me with a Hidden Recycler for the purposes of this review and no other compensation was received. All opinions are my own and you can read my Disclosure Statement here.

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