Save $15 on Any Combination of Matercard Purchases of $100 or More

Mastercard Gift Card Promotion

Okay, if you have a Safeway nearby then this is a great deal that would work for any of our needs:  Head over to your Just for U account and look under “Personalized Deals” and then “Special Offers” (most of you should have this one).  There you will find this fabulous coupon for MasterCard Gift Cards:  Save $15 when you purchase $100 or more in MasterCard Gift Cards in any combination!

This is a super deal because not only can you purchase them in any combination (to give out as a gift), but you could always just purchase ONE for YOURSELF and use it anywhere Mastercard is accepted to get yourself something that costs $100 and only have spent $85!

I wrote up a short tutorial here on how to use the Safeway “Just for U” Program.  It is very easy and well worth the time.



Posted by: on December 3, 2012 under Coupons, Grocery Store Deals, Safeway

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