Shoplet Duck Packing and Duct Tape Review


Most of you know by now that I like to review Office Supplies and Shoplet has once again sent me a set of products to test out and talk about.  For those of you who are new here, Shoplet is an online office supply store that carries products for just about every possible home or office supply need.  For this particular review they sent me an assortment of Duck Brand Tape Supplies and I’ll talk about each one separately:

The first product I tried out was the Duck EZ Start Premium Packaging Tape.  This product ships in a package containing 2 larger sized rolls with dispensers (60 yards) and a bonus roll (30 yards).  I have never actually used Duck Brand tape before and usually purchase the generic brand rolls, which I insert on a rather heavy duty tape dispenser.  What I like about this particular product is that the built in tape dispenser is not only easier to handle than the large handheld one I’m used to, but also has a unique feature to keep the tape from sticking to itself.  The dispenser has little tabs built into it, which keep the tape slightly lifted towards and prevent it from sticking back to the roll.  Nothing irritates me more than to be in a rush and have to stop, find the tape starting point and meticulously peel it back.  This tape doesn’t do that.  Even without the dispenser mechanism, the tape adhesive is designed to be able to quickly peel from the roll and not split or tear, which I tested and found to be a very, very nice feature!  I thought the dispenser was easy to handle and the tape cut off easily as well.

Next I tried out the Duck EZ Start Premium Packaging Tape w/ Dispenser.  This is a smaller (55 yard and smaller core size) roll.  It also has a built in dispenser, but is designed slightly differently than the above product.  The dispenser contains the same tabs as the larger one, but this one also contains a built in roller.  I have small hands and I thought this one fit better than the above one.  Not only that, but it is actually designed to use with only one hand, which I tested and found to actually work.  I use this size tape quite a bit for sealing large envelopes at work and definitely prefer it to the large packing dispenser and tape that I currently use.  First, it is easier to handle, second it doesn’t stick to itself and third because the tape rips off quick and easy using only one hand.

And for my final and definitely most fun review I tried the Duck Printed Duct Tape (10 yards).  This roll was in a zebra print, but they have a lot of other designs as well.  I thought it was really innovative and a fun change from the boring grey stuff you get at the hardware store.  I got creative and decorated my coupon envelope (which was really falling apart).  This tape is very strong and this envelope will not be ripping and tearing anymore!  you really can’t even tell there’s an envelope there – it looks like a little zebra print wallet now.  I didn’t even need to use scissors while making this.  The tape ripped off the roll easily and in perfect little strips.  Here’s a photo of my little creation!


Shoplet sent me a selection of  Duct Brand Tape to use for this review. No Monetary compensation was received and these opinions are my own.

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