Shoplet’s Green Your Cart Initiative

You all know that I’m a big fan of Shoplet Office Supplies.  I do a number of reviews for them and do have another product to tell you about soon.  However, before I do that I would like to introduce you to a really unique feature about their site.  I blog a lot about the benefits of shopping for green products and eco-friendly products when ever possible.

Hey, we only have one earth and I support any company and/or product that believes in sustaining it.  Shoplet is one such socially responsible company and their Green Initiative proves it.  Shoplet engages in social commerce to help customers measure and understand just what positive effect their green office supply purchases can have on our environment.  They make it easy to shop green by providing a clear and simple way to discover green supplies in lieu of traditional ones.

So for those of you who would like to learn how to be green in the office, here is an example of what I’m talking about:  Let’s say you are looking for paper.  You are not necessarily seeking out recycled paper, but of course that would be a great alternative if you knew about it.  Well Shoplet has designed their searches on their site to do just that.  Look at the screen shot below.  Do you see that “Green Your Search” button?  It will appear on the left side of all of your searches and will show you just how to shop green.

If you click that button then it will show you all of the recycled items available in that product category.  Now look over to the right side.  Do you see the numerical numbers under the title “By Buying Recycled Products with Shoplet”?  This number is calculated based on the amount of green products being purchased on the entire site. I think that is a pretty neat idea!

It does even more!  Let’s say you don’t click the green button and you pick a non-green product from the first search instead.  The search is smart enough to know when a green alternative is available and it presents you with the opportunity to see those options.

There is simply no way to miss any of the products that are green.  How cool is that!  Shoplet is definitely meeting the moral obligation to be eco-friendly.   Going the extra step and changing the industry one step at a time is a true example of corporate leadership.

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