Silk/Horizon Milk Class Action Settlement

Silk and Horizon Class Action Settlement

The makers of Horizon Organic Milk and Silk Soy Milk products have reached a class a class action lawsuit settlement over claims they misrepresented the sugar content in their products. If you purchased Silk Soymilk, Silk Coconutmilk, or Horizon Organic milk, yogurt or Tuberz products between January 1, 2005 to April 19, 2013, you may be eligible to claim a cash award from the Silk/Horizon Class Action Settlement.

Consumers with valid proof of purchase will receive reimbursement for 75% of the purchase price, subject to a cap of $50 per household. Those without proof of purchase can still receive a refund of 25% of the purchase price of up to 5 products. You must complete and submit a Silk/Horizon Class Action Settlement Claim Form  postmarked no later than October 26, 2013.

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