Status to Drugstores Update and More


I haven’t forgotten any of you, just extremely overloaded with projects recently!  I feel like this guy above only not really mad, just frustrated!  When it gets like this I just can’t take time off to do matchup lists.  Typically I have periods of down time throughout the day to toss off a few posts and do a rebate and/or sweepstakes update and that is about it.  So..  I would like to toss out these links for you.  These are two great blogs that I have used myself when extremely busy.  I’ll continue to post deals individually when possible, but for now try using these links for your lists:

First: – a good all around resource for grocery and drugstore matchups

Second: – a good source for some of the better deals at AZ Grocery Stores, CVS and Walgreens.

I’ll be here, but I HAVE to break from lists until I get my schedule back!!  I feel so guilty when I leave you all  🙂


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