Update on posting status

Ok, I am STILL recovering and promise to never, ever skip a flu or pneumonia shot again ever!  I’m going to start to come back now and see how it all works out.  For starters I want to post some very over-due reviews and again apologize to the vendors of all these nice products.

** Update:  I am still here and now up and moving around, but still fairly sick.   I wanted to apologize to all the PR people out there that I owe product reviews to.  I have not forgotten you all.  Please understand that I am the only one managing this blog and this illness was quite unexpected.  I’ll be seeing another doctor today and should be able to make it back before Christmas.

I’m not ignoring you all, but am instead still crazy sick.  I probably need to go to the doctor if it does not get better in the next day or so.  Anyway, I’ll be back as soon as I can.

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