Survey about Cars Pays $5.00

Another survey opportunity from Baker St Solutions!

We are looking for some consumers to participate in this online survey in the next two days for your thoughts concerning a consumer product. The survey should take around 3-5 minutes, we estimate. The first 250 respondents who are eligible and who complete the entire survey in a thoughtful manner will be emailed in 4-6 weeks—to this email address— a $5 Amazon Gift Certificate as a thank you for their feedback. By the way, once you are in the survey, there is no need to hurry with your answers. Once you have started the survey, your answers count, if you thoughtfully complete the survey in the one sitting.

Note: there are certain product-use and other demographic factors we need for this particular study. If you click on the link below, and start into the survey and you get past those first number of questions and eventually you are asked to respond to some questions about specific consumer products, then you qualified for the study and will receive the incentive if you have completed the survey in a thoughtful manner. If, however, the survey ends before you get to these questions then, sadly, this particular study required a different demographic or product use. Maybe next time!

The survey should only take 3-5 minutes to thoughtfully and candidly complete. If you are interested—and I hope you are—please just click on the link below. First come, first served! Have fun! Thank you very much!

If you experience technical difficulties with the link below, try copying and pasting the link into the address bar of your web browser.

Please click on this link to access the survey:

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