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Here is my list in progress (keep checking back as it is a large list) of survey companies that I consider reputable and have done work for:

American Consumer Opinion has been around for a long time.  Their Survey’s pay anywhere from $3.00 to $10.00.  They send out a survey about every six weeks.  Payment (via check) can be requested once your balance reaches $10.00.

Baker Street Solutions doesn’t send out a lot of surveys, but the ones they do send are usually interesting and easy to fill out.  Surveys are actually paid out by check right after you take them.  They pay anywhere from $3.00 $15.00 each, with the average payment being about $5.00.

Bellwether Surveys Some people don’t like this company because they don’t send out very many surveys and they base their rewards on a sweepstakes system.  I tend to like them because the surveys are usually short and interesting and I once got a product test from them for a steam cleaner, which I thought was pretty good!

BuzzBack Market Research only sends out a few survey invites a month, but they are easy to take and pay anywhere from $2 to $7.  Payment is done only through Paypal and they allow you to cash out when your balance gets to $15.00.  BuzzBack invitations fill up fast.

 HCD Surveys is a great survey site and another one of my favorites.    The surveys are usually based on public event issues and you will often have to watch a short video before answering questions.  They base their payments on a points system of $10.00
for every 1,000 points.

Synovate Global Opinion Panels sends out surveys almost daily.  They are a great company and offer quite a few product tests.  They pay based on a points system of $5.00 for every 5,000 points.  You can request payment via check once you reach at least $5.00.

Gongos Consumer Village is a lot of fun and I wish I had more time to spend on this one.  It is a whole community and they offer both surveys and consumer polls.  The more you participate, the more you will earn.  They reward you with tokens, which they automatically cash in for credits when you reach various payout levels.  Different activities generate different token levels, but they are pretty good about compensating you fairly for your time.

I’ve been a member of Lightspeed for many years.  They send surveys almost daily and offer a lot of home usage tests.  Some of thesurveys can be a little long, but points add up quickly and can be redeemed for cash or various gift cards.  I typically redeem for credits, which they will email to you very quickly.

Mindfield is another one of my favorite sites.  They send at least surveys a week.  They typically pay from $1 to $3 each and vary in length.  Payment can be requested after you reach $5.00 in your account.  I’ve gotten a lot of interesting product tests through Mindfield and they tend to fill up pretty fast..

My Opinion Now is a rewards points site.  They send anywhere from 1 to 3 surveys a week and they average from 15 to 30 minutes to take.  Rewards work on 5 different levels and can be redeemed for cash or various merchandise and/or gift cards.  I’ve gotten quite a few product tests from this company.

Opinion Outpost is a reputable company, but the surveys tend to be pretty long and ask for a lot of information before deciding to qualify you or not.  The plus side is that they send a lot of offers, many of which are product tests.  If you don’t mind taking long surveys then I’d recommend them.  They pay pretty quickly and will send you a check.

Resolution Research offers Surveys, Focus Groups and Product Tests.  They send out a few studies a year and pay though a point system.  I am new to this panel, but did do 1 product test and was paid quickly.

Socratic Forum is a very nice survey site that focuses mainly on technology and business topics.  The surveys are easy to take and they usually pay anywhere from $3 to $10 depending on the length.   Click on t he graphic to sign up.  Payment in the form of a check or gift card can be requested any time your account reaches $5.00

Survey Savvy is a very reputable site.  They usually send out a few surveys a month and pay from $1.00 to $3.00 each and checks come fairly quickly.  Sometimes they will offer a higher paying survey for a special focus group.  They often send out products to rate at home.

Survey Head sends out quite a few invites.  It is often hard to qualify due to the number of people competing to take them.  They aren’t my favorite company, but I do take an occasional survey with them.  You can cash out at $25.00 and they offer Paypal and Amazon Credits.

Valued Opinions sends an average of 3 to 5 invites each week.  The surveys tend to be long, but sometimes do pay well.  Their surveys have a tendency to disqualify you very late into the survey, which is something I do not like very well.  Their surveys typically pay from $1.00 to $3.00 each, but they occasionally offer a special interest area for as much as $50.  Payment is in the form of various gift cards, including Amazon.  You can cash out when your account reaches $20.00.

Viewpoints is currently closed to new members, but I am adding it here just in case they open it back up to referrals.  They are a really great survey company that pay well and offer a lot of home usage tests.

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