Friday Freebies (SavingStar and Fry’s)

Save 100% when you buy any ONE (1) 1.25 oz. packet of Land O Lakes® Cocoa Classics®. Check back every Friday for a new Freebie!.Expires 1/4/2015.Save 100%.

Hi Everyone! I’m behind on the “deals” curve for another sick day. I just remembered this is FRIDAY, so that means our SavingStar Freebie offer (there are two) of FREE Land O Lakes Cocoa Classics.  Just click over to SavingStar, and add it to your list.  Purchase the product and then log on to their Savings App and select your saved offer, and go through the process of requesting your rebate.  I KNOW it’s a pain, but it really does add up fast and it’s worth doing.  You can also get a FREE box of Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix.  Both offers are available to select now and will expire on Sunday, Jan 4th.   There are a few good rebate offers available on SavingStar right now in addition to the Friday Freebies, including a 20% rebate on bananas (good through Monday, Jan 5th).

You also still have a few more hours left to load FREE Belvita Breakfast Biscuits to your Fry’s/Kroger Card.  You can only load it today (Jan 2), but you have until January 18th to use it.


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Free York Peppermint Patty – Must Load Today

Save 100% when you buy ONE (1) Dark Chocolate YORK Peppermint Pattie (1.4oz. only). Check back every Friday for a new Freebie!.Expires 11/16/2014.Save 100%.

SavingStar has a Free York Peppermint Patty Coupon available to load.  It’s a Freebie Friday Deal, so load it today (11-14).  You have until 11-18 to redeem it.

SavingStar Offers work at most major stores now, including drugstores, BUT.. you do have to scan your receipt now.  It means you will pay for the item at the register and then scan your receipt (and usually the barcode) via the SavingStar App.  The savings will be added to your account there and you can cash out at $5.00 or more.  I recently cashed out for a gift card at, so it’s worth a little extra effort if you have the time.

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Load The Fry’s Friday Freebie for Hillshire Farms Lunchmeat

Free Hillshire Farms

Don’t forget to load your Friday Freebie for Fry’s/Kroger Stores. Today’s FREEBIE is a package of Hillshire Farms Naturals Lunchmeat. You must load it on Friday (11-14), but it won’t expire until the end of November (11-30).

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New Checkout51 Digital Coupon Savings

Checkout 51 Offers

I hope everyone is using  Checkout51.  Checkout51 .  These digital coupons can be used at ANY STORE.  You can combine them with paper and other saving sites like iBotta and SavingStar.  Don’t forget the newest Snap App by Groupon too!

New offers are released weekly and some can differ for each person.  You just sign up for the program, purchase the available items from any store and then upload your receipt (same way as iBotta).

Some of the new Checkout 51 offers this week include:

Bananas, Salad Mix, and Pumkins!


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New Grocery Savings App from Groupon

Groupon Snap App


Okay, no more doubles at Fry’s, which is probably a good thing in the long run (more sale items will be in stock). If you don’t mind taking a little extra time when you return from grocery shopping then you can take advantage of some of the cash back grocery offers available via various phone apps. Ibotta has a wide offering, Checkout51, ShopMin, to name a few. Now Groupon has jumped on the bandwagon with the Groupon Snap App. I downloaded and gave it a whirl. It works pretty good – no barcode verification like Ibotta.  Don’t forget Savingstar – they take Safeway now, but have changed to receipt scanning instead of automatic savings.  Basically, if you have the time then download all of these apps, get out your receipts at the end of your shopping trip and check the offers available via each app.  Often times the savings will overlap and you can get cash back on the same item via different apps.  I personally only use a couple (Ibotta and Checkout51).  Ibotta gives me problems.. this Groupon app looks promising.  We have Milk available today.

I’m going to start posting and cleaning things up around here, but my schedule is very full, so bear with me and make sure to check Facebook if you want to see what I’m up too.  I’m most likely to post there first.

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Rare Lettuce Coupon at SavingStar

Save 20% on your purchase of Red Leaf Lettuce (labeled PLU #4075) at participating retailers. See offer info for complete details. Check back every Tuesday for a new Healthy Offer!.Expires 2/10/2014.Save 20%.

There’s a rare Save 20% on Lettuce Coupon offered at SavingStar right now.  Be sure and load it up and use it before Feb. 10th when it expires!  Lettuce is typically priced $0.99 at Fry’s.

In case you are wondering why it is quiet here:  I’ve been on a couponing break and have not been to the grocery stores lately.  I don’t know about you, but I find it helpful to stock up and look away from time to time.  It seems moderately unhealthy to have one’s life revolve around the grocery ad.  I’ll probably catch up some rebates and other deals before the weekend, but for now I’m enjoying some down time and you should consider it too – it’s good for you!!  🙂

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Free Bush’s Beans

Save 100% when you buy ONE (1) can of Bush's® 15oz. Black Beans, 16oz Kidney Beans or 16oz Garbanzo Beans..Expires 2/2/2014.Save 100%.

Be sure and load those SavingStar Offers. Today we got FREE Bush’s Beans. This means 100% back after purchase (as long as you loaded it first).  Better hurry though because it expires on Feb. 2nd.

I’m not watching the deals real closely right now due to a little work and home issue  🙁   Will update things as soon as I can.

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Check Your Savings Apps and Print Your Coupons Tonight

Ibotta Offer for any brand of milk

Okay folks – I got home late and will tomorrow as well, so let me just say that Safeway had quite a few Just for U offers outside of what I posted this morning.  There are also a number of iBotta deals that came out today ad work well with the Fry’s Mega Sale, so make SURE you check that and your Checkout51 accounts before planning your shopping trip.  Remember, you still have time to do the Milk Savings on iBotta as well.  

Also, SavingStar released some new offers today too, including an offer on the All Detergent, which is still on sale at Fry’s and will be going on sale at CVS, so be sure to log in and add those.

Last – print what you need tonight as coupons will start resetting over the next couple of days and some of our favorites will go away.

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