$100 Paid Focus Group for Moms


I received the following invite in my email today and thought I’d pass it along to the rest of you.  Fill out the short screening survey and they will call you to ask more questions and tell you if you are selected.


Fieldwork Chicago is looking for Mothers of 6-12 year old children to participate in a paid market research study on December 21st.  Qualified individuals will be asked to participate in an online focus group session.  If you pre-qualify based on your answers to the questions below one of our recruiters will contact you.  Qualified individuals will be paid an incentive of $100 after attending a 2 hour session.  If you are interested in participating please answer the following questions.

No sales involved, ever!

Click on the URL below or copy and paste it into your browser


This is not an invitation to participate; however, it is an invitation to see if you qualify to participate.  Depending on the number of responses we may or may not be able to contact all interested participants.

Fieldwork, Inc. is always looking for new respondents to participate in market research studies.  We invite you to share this email with any family member, friend, neighbor or co-worker who you feel may be interested in sharing their opinions.

Note: These questions are for market research purposes.  Sometimes we are looking for people that have purchased and/or consumed certain products/services, and sometimes we are looking for people that have not done so.  Please be honest with your responses.  The sponsor of this research has approved this email message.

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Fieldwork Research Study on Shopping – Pays $75

For those of you (who are female) with Smartphones and like to do Focus Groups – I received the following email from Fieldwork Market Research today.  You can click here to take the pre-qualifying survey.  If the survey results are what they are looking for then they will call to ask a few more questions and either select or disqualify you.  The study pays $75 and only one person per household can participate.  The study specifically asks for females who are able to use text messaging.  It is about shopping.

We would like you to participate in an OTS which would involve you receiving questions via text message which would last approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes total time. We will be conducting the questions at various times on Tuesday November 1st and 2nd.  At the conclusion of the study you will receive an honorarium of $75 for your time.           



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$125 Research Study for Arizona Men

“A national medical market research company is currently conducting a study regarding men’s health. We specifically work with pharmaceutical and biotech companies to conduct paid telephone interviews for them. For this particular project we are interested in talking with men about medical treatments.

Your participation would involve taking part in a short 15 minute telephone discussion to meet the researcher and explain the process. Then you would complete (at your own convenience) a written diary over the course of a week; which would be followed by a 60 minute “web-assisted” telephone interview with the researcher. You will need to have access to a computer with normal “high speed” internet connection during both telephone calls.

For your participation, we would compensate you $125. If you are interested, please click the link below and fill out the necessary information.


If you do qualify to be a participant, one of our team members will contact you.

• Location: Flagstaff, Mohave, Phoenix, Prescott, Tucson”
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Online Focus Group on Shopping – Pays $120

I received this email today in regards to a FieldWork Focus Group about Shopping.   Take the quick survey at the bottom to try and qualify.  If you aren’t a FieldWork Member then you can sign up here.


Market Research Opportunity: 90 minute webcam interview for $120

Fieldwork is a national market research company. We are conducting research among shoppers and would like to include your opinion. We are not engaged in sales, advertising or publicity of any kind. No one will attempt to sell you anything and all information given will remain confidential.
We would like you to participate in an online webcam interview with our moderator which would last approximately 90 minutes. We will be conducting the focus groups at various times on Friday September 9th. At the conclusion of the study you will receive an honorarium of $120 for your time.



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Upcoming Focus Group, Pays $100

For those of you in the Phoenix Area who have cats.  Plaza Research sent me this email today.  This is an “in person” group, so you need to live somewhat close:

Plaza Research Phoenix is currently recruiting for an upcoming focus group.
If you, or someone you know, might be interested in the study below:
Please click on the link below to complete the survey. Do not call.

Cat Food:

Who: Males & Females
Ages: 23-45
What: 2-hour focus group
When: August 24th ­ 25th, 2011
Paid: $100+


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Be a Baby Magic Brand Ambassador

Are you a Baby Magic Fan?  If so then you might want to try your hand at being a Baby Magic Brand Ambassador.  Here is what their Facebook Wall has to say:

Want to be a Baby Magic brand ambassador? We are on the hunt for the top Baby Magic BIGGEST fans! Email us at originalbabymagic@gmail.com and tell us why you are Baby Magic biggest fan. Brand Ambassadors will be the first to test new products, tell us what you think and provide feedback/suggestions and help share the word!

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New $100 Focus Group (phx area)

For those of you near the Phoenix Area – you might want to try and qualify for this Focus Group through Plaza Research.  It is about fast food so that should be kind of fun and it pays $100!  Here is a copy of the email:

Plaza Research Phoenix is currently recruiting for an upcoming study.
Who: Males & Females
Ages: 25-55
What: Focus Group
When: July 20th, 2011
Paid: $100 mailed after study is complete

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$65 Upcoming Research Study (Phx Area)

Here is a copy of an email I received for new $65 Paid Plaza Research Study.  Pizza!!  Wish I lived closer to phoenix, but then again… Oreos, Dove Bars, Keebler Cookies… maybe not!

Plaza Research Phoenix is currently recruiting for an upcoming study.
Please click on the link below to complete the survey. Do not call.


Who: Males & Females
Ages: 18-59
What: 45-minute taste test
When: July 20th, 2011
Paid: $65

***Please note: this link may not work with your browser. If you are experiencing issues, try copy and pasting the link into your URL, using a different browser (ie: Internet Explorer), restarting your computer, or using a different computer. If you are still having issues, please reply with your name, age, and phone number. Responses via the link above will be given first priority.*** Do not call.

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