Flowerpot Press Just for Kids Music Free on Amazon

Free Kids Music

Amazon is offering The Flowerpot “Just for Kids” Greatest Hits Album for FREE today. It appears to be a selection of popular kids songs taken from the top 150 Greatest Hits. You can download one or all of the mp3 songs there at no charge. Here are some of the offerings:

  • Songs By Heart: The Big Rock Candy Mountain
  • Nursery Rhymes: Diddle, Diddle, Dumpling
  • Nursery Rhymes: London Bridge
  • Animal Crackers: Jungle Train
  • Animal Crackers: Crawdad Song
  • Silly Sing Along: Barnyard Song
  • Silly Sing Along: Apples And Bananas
  • Along Songs: Do Your Ears Hang Low?
  • Sing, Shake and Shout: Alphabet Song
  • Sing, Shake and Shout: The Flea Fly Song
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Free Song Downloads Available From Google Play

Free Music Downloads

Head over to the Google Play Store and get free Song Downloads from some of the 2014 Grammy Stars.  Choose from Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar, Hunter Hayes, and a few others (scroll down to find them all).

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Get a $3 MP3 Credit at Amazon

Amazon mp3 Credit

Head over to the Amazon MP3 Store and link up with your Twitter Account (by clicking the link there) and they will give you a $3 Amazon MP3 Credit that you can use on any of the 24 selected albums they list on the page.  Albums include many popular titles, including Green Day, Bruno Mars, Led Zeppelin and more.  Just follow the steps listed on the page.

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Most Relaxing Classical or New-Age Music 2-Disc Set Free

Most Relaxing Classical Music

I’m kind of stuck on this relaxation music lately. I find it helpful for falling asleep when my mind is racing so much with all these deals!  Head over and download The Most Relaxing Classical Music in the Universe (2 disc set) Free for digital download right now.  You can also pick up this Most Relaxing New Age Music (2 disc set) for Free as well.  Download to your Mp3 Player or listen directly from the cloud.

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Free Meditation Music Sampler Pack

Free Meditation CD

Feeling a bit stressed lately?  Maybe this will help…  Head over to Amazon.com and download this FREE Meditation Sampler Pack:  Relaxation & Meditation (Exclusive Amazon Sampler Featuring 60 Minutes of Music for Relaxation, Meditation, Massage, Spa & Yoga).  Download to your computer or listen from your Amazon Cloud player.

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Free Guns ‘n Roses Song Download

Free Guns n Roses song


Attention Guns ‘n Roses Fans:  head over to Amazon.com and download Sweet Child O’ Mine FREE from the Mp3 Store Today!


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Free 28 Song Holiday Music Album from Noisetrade

Free Holiday Music Album

Head over to Noisetrade on Facebook and download a FREE 28-song Holiday Road Trip Album (look for the MixedTape link).  You will need to “like” them (if you haven’t already) and then download the songs into iTunes or straight MP3.


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Free Music from Crystal Light (good songs)

Free Music from Crystal Light

Head over to Crystal Light for some free music.  There are actually some good songs over there.  Here is what was posted on their Facebook Page:

Crystal Light Summer Music Fest continues this week with 42000 new free music downloads available all week. Just go to the Insider page, pick a song, play the Stay Light activities and earn your free download. If you’ve played for Classic and Energy, you can play again and get another download this week (while supplies last)! Remember too that if you don’t want a song in the playlists, use SONG SEARCH to find songs by title! 

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