Free Cubistry Game for Android Devices AND $1 Music Credit

Free Cubistry App

Amazon is offering the Cubistry Game App for FREE today.  If you have an Android enabled device then head over and download.  Looks like a fun little puzzle game and a great way to kill time when you are waiting in line some place..  A little update:  I downloaded this and apparently it qualifies for a FREE $1.00 Music Credit, so definitely go get this one!!

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FREE Mahjong Android App and Mp3 Credit

Amazon has the 4th of July Mahjong Game App FREE in their Android Store today.  This game qualifies for the FREE $1.00 Mp3 Credit as well!

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Free Word Ball App for Android is offering Word Ball for Android as a free download today only.  It normally costs $0.99, so if you have an Android Phone then get your copy today – great for killing time in the doctor’s office, riding in the car, etc..

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