More Recyclebank Point Opportunities Available

Be sure and check your Recyclebank Accounts.  There are several new point opportunities available there since I last posted!   You can take the Green Clean Pledge from Abe’s Market and the Bagster Quiz for a total of 10 points (just to name a couple)..

If you are not a member then be sure and sign up because it only takes a few minutes to participate and is well worth the time.  The point earning tasks are quick and simple and it does not take many points to cash out for some great coupons and other prizes

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New Recyclebank Points Available

Has everyone here joined the Recyclebank Rewards ProgramI know I’ve posted it several times and you really should go over and join.  It is a very simple and quick way to get very good coupons!  You just do an easy task from time to time (like watch a short video or take a little quiz) to learn about ways to “green” up our environment.  They reward you with points each time.  Now for those of you who are members:  There’s a new point opportunity available there now (learn about Water Day), so head over and get started.



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New Recyclebank Points Available

I was just doing a little Blog maintenance and adding the Recyclebank Logo to my sidebar when I realized there is a new point earning opportunity available!  Head over and listen to the little video on about paper to get 25 points.

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