Another Free Kellogg’s Rewards Code

Kellogg's Rewards

Here is a new Free Kellogg’s Rewards Code (as of 09/05) worth 50 points:  GRAINSDAIRYFRUIT

Have you all joined the Kellogg’s Family Rewards Program yet?  I’m a little lax on entering my codes, but it’s a good program.  You can enter codes found on selected Kelloggs Products to use towards high valued coupons.   Even if you don’t want to take time for that then you should still sign up because they offer new printable coupons there quite regularly that anyone can print.  They offer free codes ALL the time.   Here are just a few for you to use right now (they do expired, so enter them soon):


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Earn Five Dollars in ECBs When You Get A Flu Shot at CVS

CVS Flu Shot Offer

If you are planning to get a flu shot this year then you might want to consider doing it at the CVS Pharmacy.  For the entire month of September they are offering 10 credits  (which is equal to a $5.00 ECB) when you get a flu shot there.  You don’t need an appointment and the offer is not valid at the Minute Clinics.  You can read all the details here.

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Free Minute Maid Juice for MyCoke Rewards Members with Points

Minute Maid Juice
If you have a MyCoke Rewards Membership then you can pick up a Free 10 Pack of Minute Maid Juice Boxes, any variety (up to $4.43) for only 100 points! If you aren’t a member then you can sign up here. Just be aware that you do need to keep up with this account. I lost over 6,000 points when I didn’t log in for several months during that busy work period I had. It’s a great program though and it’s easy to enter the codes, so check in to it if you have a chance.

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FREE $5 Starbucks Certificate for New Rewards Members

Starbucks Rewards

If you are not already a Starbucks Rewards Card Member then now is definitely the time to register.  Starbucks will be giving a FREE $5 Gift Certificate to new members that sign up today (02-28-2013) through 03-14-2013.  You will need a Starbucks card in order to sign up and register it.  If you do not have one then you can sign up for the Mobile App on the same page and request a digital card that way (you only need the number to register the card).  Your $5 bonus will be loaded to whichever card you register!

I have been a member of this program for a long time and highly recommend it.  They track your purchases and assign you to different member levels, the highest of which is Gold Star and it allows you to receive valuable coupons, including FREE coffee of your choice on your birthday!  I also like the fact that you can register multiple cards and transfer funds between them (a great feature for all those gift cards you might be holding – consolidate funds to one card).



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$5 Starbucks Gift Card with Coffee Purchase

starbucks gift card offer

From now through February 24th Starbucks is rewarding you with a $5 Gift Card when you purchase any one pound of whole bean coffee (at participating stores).  Just make the purchase using any Registered Starbucks Card.  If you haven’t registered your card then be sure and head over to Starbucks Rewards and create an account there.  They offer quite a few perks through the program, including the free coffee on your birthday.  You can register any number of cards and even transfer funds between them if you wish!



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Swagbucks Friday and My New iPad Mini

Swagbucks Friday Ok, everyone.  I’m still sick and  assigned to a volunteer task outside of the home, so won’t be around much today.  I wanted to remind you about SWAGBUCKS because this is Friday and that means your chances of getting a higher dollar reward are huge.  I know some of you are new, so I’ll recap a bit about the program:   Swagbucks  is a search engine and point earning site.  It is one of the best ones out there.  They reward you with a random point value for searching through their site (or toolbar), completing surveys, watching videos, playing games and other optional activities and promotions.  It’s actually a lot of fun and you are in control of how much time you want to put into it.  Swagbucksis very active on Facebook and Twitter and will often toss out freebie codes to redeem within a specified time frame.  It is worth installing the toolbar because you get one point every day that you open the browser containing the toolbar (or for using it).  So, even if you do absolutely nothing then you will accumulate rewards that way.  Points are cashed in for merchandise (good merchandise), gift cards and other prizes.

I am a very LIGHT Swagbucks user with very few followers and was still able to cash in points for enough gift cards to purchase the NEW ipad Mini, which I looooove.  I merely do a few searches every day and sometimes I will play a game or watch a movie as time allows.  It took only ONE year to accumulate enough Swagbucks to purchase my new toy, so it CAN be done!


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My Coke Rewards Holiday Promotion – A New Deal Daily

My Coke Rewards 12-Days of Christmas Promotion

Celebrate the My Coke Rewards Holiday Rewards Promotion:  From now through December 12, you can redeem your My Coke Reward Points for a different, exclusive reward for each day that you enter a new code.  Today’s deal is supposed to be a Walmart Gift Card, but I have yet to get it to work LOL!  Look under “My Special Offers” to find the deals.  If you aren’t a member then you can sign up for My Coke Rewards here.

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How to Use Safeway eCoupons

Most of you are familiar with eCoupons by now, but the Safeway “Just for U” Program is in full swing now and works slightly differently than what we’ve been used to in the past.

First let me say that there are three ways to save using the “Just for U” Program at Safeway and all coupons can be loaded to your card here  (register your card here if you haven’t already).  From this page you can load the following types of coupons.

1.  Personalized Safeway Store Coupons
2.  In-Ad and other Safeway Store Coupons
3.  Manufacturer Coupons.

The program can be confusing because it is difficult to distinguish between the Store Coupons verses the “Manufacturer” Coupons.  It makes a difference because most paper coupons are “Manufacturer” and will be rejected at the register if you try to use them in conjunction with a Manufacturer eCoupon that may already be loaded to your card.  This is NOT the case with store coupons.  You can nearly always stack a Store  Coupon (paper or electronic) with a Manufacturer Coupon.

So, let’s look at the “Just for U” electronic coupons in more detail.  First, take a look at the top menu bar on the main landing page of the Safeway Website.

Personalized Deals are special Safeway eCoupons that have been added for you based on your shopping habits.  They will not be exactly the same for everyone, but most of us will have a few in common.  These are STORE offers and typically offer a product at a special price as seen below (I’ve added these already):

As previously mentioned, these are store coupons.  You know this because the product is being offered for a specific price.  It just means that if you load these coupons then the products will ring up at this special “sale” price.  You can (and should) always use your paper coupons (manufacturer) with these specials.  So if I had a $1.00/1 Planters Peanuts paper coupon AND I loaded the special store coupon above then the peanuts would cost me $1.88.

Sometimes you will see these personalized deals as a percent or dollar amount off or even FREE as in the following examples

These are also STORE coupons.  You could use your manufacturers coupons for the first example (the bagged salad), but not the second (because it is already free and they don’t allow you to use a coupon on a free item).

Pay attention to the number of times you can use the eCoupon as well as when it expires.  If the offer says “unlimited” then you can use it as many times as you want (until it expires).  You can purchase multiple items in one trip or come back later and still get the savings.  If the offer says “one time” then it means it will only work ONE TIME (as in the free item shown above).  Sometimes there will be a limit on the number of items you can purchase at the special price.  I don’t have a photo example, the wordage would say something like “limit 2”.  In that case the special price would only work on 2 of that item.

Ok, so now I will describe the “Coupon Center” (the first option on the menu example listed above).  This is where it gets a bit confusing…  This is the area where you load coupons for a specific amount off of a particular product.  It contains the same “In-Ad” Store Coupons that you see in your Safeway Flyer as WELL as cents off Manufacturer Coupons.  It is difficult to tell which coupons are “STORE” verses “MANUFACTURER”.  Remember, you can NOT stack your paper “Manufacturer” coupons with an electronic one and you need to be careful in what you load here because of that.  Electronic coupons do not double like the paper ones do and you will often be better off using a paper coupon in this case. I have heard that the Safeway registers will allow you to get the difference, but I’ve never tested it and would rather not try (my Safeway is not very coupon friendly).  I make it a rule not to load any manufactuer’s eCoupon valued less than a dollar (unless I have no paper coupon).  So, how do you know the difference between “store” verses “manufacturer”?  Well, I did some experimenting and this is what I have discovered to work”

When you see an eCoupon that says “SAVE” xyz amount on a product then that is typically a manufacturer’s coupon.  Here is an example:

That coupon will work just like any Paper Manufacturer Coupon you might have.  It will work ONE time and you can not use any other Manufacturer Coupon with it.  I actually used this example in my experiment.  I loaded this eCoupon and handed the cashier a $1.00/1 paper coupon and…. beeeeep.  The cashier simply handed back the paper coupon and said “you already have this coupon on your card”.

Now, let’s look at a loadable “STORE” coupon:

Do you see the word “OFF”.  That is a good clue that this is a store coupon.  I didn’t test this one, but I can just tell based on older experiments that I did.  This photo is darker because I didn’t add it to my card (who eats THAT stuff LOL..).  If you had a paper coupon for this product then you could stack it and the register would not beep.  Remember, you can nearly always stack a store coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon.  It would work the same way as the “In-Ad” Store coupons you are used to clipping from the weekly flier and in fact many of them ARE still printed in the Ad, but the website offers even more.

So in summary:  an offer listed with the word $$ OFF ** is usually a store coupon and an offer listed with the word “SAVE $$” is typically a manufacturer.  It takes a while to get used to it and even I had a hard time understanding it at first, but you can’t take the savings if you don’t load them and start trying it!  *** Please note that the “OFF” rule does have a few exceptions, one of which is P&G Coupons.  If you see any P&G Coupon on the Just for U Site with the word “OFF” then this IS in fact a Manufacturer’s Coupon and NO you can not stack a paper coupon with it.  I typically do not load any P&G Coupon that is not worth $1.00 or more for just this reason.  If you do not carry paper coupons (and why would you not?) then go ahead and load them, but just realize they won’t double like paper coupons do.

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