Technical Notice!

Hello Everyone,

Over the past few days I have spent almost 2 hours getting draft posts ready for various deals and new ad items. Today my page crashed and the drafts didn’t show up in the restore. It was all lost so I’ll have to start over on the grocery store deals. Obviously things are running a bit behind today and it will probably continue into tomorrow until it can get back on schedule.

I was so mad that I took the time to initiate the transfer of my domains to a new hosting site. As soon as the pointers work themselves out I will transfer the page to the new host (probably over the weekend). I’ll post another notice at that time and the page will go down for about a day while it all propagates over. This page should run a lot better after that, both speed and stability wise!

Please hang in there with me while it all gets worked out. I’ll have the ads up by tomorrow morning.

For anyone looking to change web hosts – DO NOT use IPage. The problems I’ve had with this blog pretty much speaks for their reliability.

Posted by: on March 29, 2011 under Front Page Deals

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