The Butt Bench Bathroom Seat Review

 I recently received a unique and innovative product called the Butt Bench® to try out and tell you about.  This patent-pending bathroom seat is very sturdy, made from natural wood and designed to hold up to 300 pounds of weight.  It is especially targeted towards senior citizens and individuals who have trouble getting in and out of a full bath.  It also serves as a bathtub storage ledge.  I have discovered that this sturdy little seat can be used in a variety of helpful ways, but before I get into that I should explain a few technical details.

Before making a purchase it is important that you review the FAQ Section of their Website and verify that the unit WILL in fact fit your tub.  Butt Bench® will fit a standard size tub with at most 30” in width (View Diagram). There should be at least an inch of space on the sides of the tub where the Butt Bench® will rest on. Butt Bench® may not work on bathtubs over 60 years old. It also will not work on bathtubs with glass sliding doors or one piece fiberglass tub and wall units also will not work.  Do not hesitate to call the number on the Contact Us Page if you have any questions at all about the fit or installation of the product.  That being said, lets go into the actual installation of the Butt Bench®.

It could not be much simpler!  The Butt Bench® is designed to fit across the tub.  It secures to the back wall of the tub via two suction cups that slide on a track.  The suction cups will not adhere to any grout areas, so they are designed to move into the center portion of any tile area you may have.  I have a tile tub and both suction cups stuck nicely between the grout area of the tiles.  One edge sits against the wall of the tub and the other sits just over the open edge.  It takes only a moment to secure it in place and is easily moved off and on.  For safety reasons it is seriously recommended that you remove the bench when it is not in use (especially if you have small children). Also, never ever leave any child or elderly person alone on the bench!

Now let’s get to the fun part and talk about some of the many uses for this wonderful product!  I took the Butt Bench® over to my Mother’s house and installed it over her tub.  My mother has a very bad back and she can not easily bend over to get in and out of the bath tub.  She volunteered to give the Butt Bench® a try and loved it!  She was able to step in and out of the tub, sit on the bench and ultimately shave her legs with ease.

The Butt Bench® is makes it real easy to give a small pet a bath as well.  You don’t have to bend down on your knees and lean over the tub.  Here I am sitting on the bench and giving my cat a bath after I was finished (yes, I do wash my cat).  It worked out great and I was able to put her on the bench and dry her off right there in the tub. Normally there would be water all over during the drying process.  I went away with a clean cat and dry bathroom floor, which was great!

Ok, so maybe you don’t have pets, senior citizens or a desire to sit on a bench and shave your legs… Well, it makes an excellent little bathtub shelf for storing your shampoo and other shower items too!   It is very simple to remove should you need use of the entire bath tub.  Just lift up and pop off the suction cups and move it out of the way.  It really is an “all in one” bathroom seat.  It is a useful, well made and very versatile product.  I am definitely a Butt Bench® fan and I think if you get one that you will be too.  I think it would be a real nice Mother’s Day gift as well.

The Butt Bench® comes in three colors:  White, Pink and Natural Pine (there is also a Cedar version available for a slightly higher price).  Pricing starts at $43.95 and shipping is free.  You can read more about the Butt Bench® on their Website.  Be sure to check their Facebook and Twitter Pages as well.

 I received a Butt Bench®  for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received and all options are my own.  You can read my Disclosure Statement here.

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