TheraPED & TheraTOES (review)

A couple of weeks ago Health Enterprises sent me two exciting new products to tell you about:  TheraPED and theraTOES are a recently released line of spa therapy products designed to provide soothing and comfortable relief from foot pain.  They call it “Spa therapy for your feet”.

It is unfortunate that so many women’s dress shoes are uncomfortable and unhealthy for our feet.  Like many women, I have experienced the uncomfortable foot pain associated with cramping my toes into those pointy little shoes in order to look fashionable all day long.  TheraPED and TheraToes were designed for exactly that occasion.  These unique products were designed to provide soothing relief in just the right areas of the foot.  TheraToes goes a step further by allowing a slight stretch for the toes.

Both products are made from natural rubber latex which is easy to care for and designed to last.  They contain uniquely placed hot/cold packs designed to target and pamper the most heavily used areas of the foot (as associated with high heels and tight fitting shoes).  The products can be placed in either the freezer (for cold therapy) or the microwave (for heat therapy) and are made to fit either the right or left foot in any women’s size.  These products are actually fun to wear and come in an attractive zebra pattern to give them a modern look.

The TheraTOES is designed to slip over the top of the foot much like a slipper with the gel insert covered by mesh at the top and bottom.  You slide your foot into it and secure the Velcro strap.  I tested the product using the cold therapy and put it in the freezer for about an hour and a half before using it.  It did in fact leave the front (ped) portion of my foot feeling soothed and refreshed.  I liked the TheraPED a lot, but would probably have liked it better if it covered my entire foot.  The product is perfect for the top of the foot pain associated with wearing high heel shoes though and I would certainly still recommend it.

The TheraPED is a little different.  It is designed to actually stretch and realign your toes while providing the same hot or cold therapy.  You slip your toes through the front of the TheraToes and secure it with Velcro across the top and behind the ankle portion of the foot.  The gel packs are placed on bottom (ped) portion of the foot and just in front of the ankle.  I used the cold therapy for this product as well and put it in the freezer for the same amount of time as the TheraPed.  I had a bit of a tough time figuring it out at first because my short toes didn’t want to go through the front.  This is probably normal though because it is designed to stretch the toes.  Once I got it figured out it performed really well.  From the way it fit, I can imagine that the TheraToes would give some real comfort to anyone who suffers from hammer toes or bunions.

I got a bit more relief from the TheraToes than I did the TheraPed, but both products worked very well and I would recommend them.  They are well made and fit comfortably and would be a great asset to anyone who suffers from tired achy feet.

Both products will be available in stores this fall and are currently available to order from Health Enterprises website right now.  The Suggested retail price for the TheraTOES is $7.99 and $9.99 for the TheraPED.  You can also order by phone at:  800-633-4243.

The opinions stated in this review are purely my own and I was not compensated other than to receive the product for review.  You can read my disclosure statement here.

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