Universal 100th Anniversary Instant Reward Game

Look for your unique code inside specially marked Universal 100th Anniversary DVD and Blu-rayTM titles, then enter your e-mail address below to play now. If you don’t have a code, you’ll have the opportunity to request a free code after you register. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY – you can get a free game code here.  Limit 5 game code requests per person.  Ends 12-31-2012.

Instant Win Prizes:

(144) – Two Universal Hollywood park tickets
(300) – Universal 100th Anniversary Collection Blu-ray
(2) – Toshiba laptop
(2)- Toshiba HDTV
(2) – Toshiba tablet
(2) – Toshiba BD player
(2) – Toshiba camcorder
(36) – Orville Redenbacher popcorn
(15) – Jaws Ultimate Predator game code
(500)- Jurassic Park game code
(500) – Back to the Future game code
(500)- Mummy online game code
(500) – Scarface game code
(500)- Jaws Revenge game code
(500)- Movie Mogul game code

Grand Prize:
(1) – 2-night trip for two to Los Angeles, CA and a chance to win $2,500 or $1,000,000.

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  1. peter wouters says:

    how do i enter my code from the DVD insert?

    • dashingfordeals says:

      Peter – after you get to their site (by clicking my link) then enter your email address there. After that I am pretty sure they take you to where you enter the code. I don’t actually have a code, so I have not tested that part.

  2. Eddie Wong says:

    I have the code,but I do not where to enter it.
    Let me know,please.

    • dashingfordeals says:

      I don’t really know since I haven’t entered the sweepstakes, but my guess is that you just enter and it asks for it.

  3. P3RH7FY4F793

  4. Betty Roper says:

    I have a code number, what now?

  5. dashingfordeals says:

    I have no idea.. this one has been a problem for many..

  6. there is no where to enter at bottom what are you doing playing read all others replies they all say the same

    • dashingfordeals says:

      You guys are reading a post that is almost a year old. I just posted the promotion and have no idea what they are doing over there now – sorry 🙁

  7. We. Are young. !

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