Procter and Gamble Pulled our Inserts!


* Just a little update to my original post below (and if you haven’t contacted them yet then I strongly urge you to do so).  So I read an article in the Wall Street Journal, dated 02-24-2012 (yes, I am behind in my reading, otherwise I would have put it here before).

According to the above referenced article, Procter and Gamble will be eliminating 4,000 U.S. based jobs, while they continue to focus their attention on as many as 20 NEW plants in other countries, like China, while adding up to 5,000 NEW jobs in these areas.  It is also mentioned how profitable they are in China right now.  Do YOU have a problem with this?  I DO!   I have enough of a problem with it to share it here.  I am sure this has much to do with the reason they pulled the coupon inserts from the smaller markets such as ours.  I wonder how they would feel if every AMERICAN Consumer purchased from SC Johnson instead of P&G….  I wonder if perhaps they might notice that AMERICAN CONSUMERS matter….  Just a thought.

Do you live in the Northern part of Arizona?  Have you noticed that we aren’t getting the Procter and Gamble Inserts anymore…  I’ve been quiet until now because I thought it might just be something with my paper carrier and I was too busy to deal with it.   Today I discovered that in was in fact NOT my paper carrier’s fault, but an intentional decision of Procter and Gamble.

It seems Procter and Gamble doesn’t care so much about us small town folks any more and have pulled the coupons from our Sunday papers!  I think this is absolutely ridiculous.   I mean, our dollars aren’t important to them.  People in small towns don’t need TIDE, PANTENE, BOUNTY TOWELS…  Procter and Gamble doesn’t seem to think so I guess.  I URGE ALL OF YOU  to voice your opinion to them on this issue.  Explain to them that we like their products as much as say Tempe or Phoenix residents do and why should we be penalized for living in a more rural area and that our purchasing power should matter…. I personally think this is an insulting slap in the face for the loyalty I’ve shown to them as a blogger and a consumer!   Please support me on this and write and call them at 1-800-331-3774  Ask them to put the inserts back in the Verde Valley Papers Again.  It will take all of us to make this happen!



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