Why I’d Never Do Business with Hewlett Packard

One of the benefits of being a Shopping Blogger is that I get to interact with a lot of great companies.  Unfortunately there are some bad ones out there too and HP Home Store just made it to the very top of my “Do Not Do Business List”


So now I’d like to tell you my HP Horror Story and I’ll leave it up to you rather you want to do business with a company like this.  I know I’d never recommend a purchase from them and I’ll certainly never post one of their products on my site again either.  Keep in mind that this is a bit of a long story (and I even left out a number of things), but I think you may find it helpful in the event you are ever considering a purchase from Hewlett Packard in the future:


Most of you know that my personal income has fallen by 75% as a result of economic hardships at my workplace.  You also know that I’ve been picking up odd jobs wherever possible to fill in that gap.  One of  those jobs involves a lot of spreadsheet work and as broke as we are, I decided it was time to order a large screen monitor (so I could actually SEE what I was doing).


Well, I just happened to be holding on to two gift cards to the HP Home Store.  This might be a good time to mention that they were sent to me for purchasing toner through their store – toner for a printer that died after only two years of use.


Each of these cards was worth $30 and they both said they would never expire (I received both of them at the same time).  So, naturally I looked to HP for my new monitor.  Sure enough I found a good sale on what appeared to be a nice monitor.  Not only that, but HP was offering a coupon code on top of it all.  This was going to be quite a deal and I was very excited.


Well, things didn’t go as planned and one of the cards wouldn’t work.  I had to call HP.  I waited a very long time on hold only to find out that the cards don’t expire, but they DO go dormant.  The Representative assured me this wouldn’t be a problem.  He’d finish my order and transfer me to the appropriate department and they would fix the dormant card.  Now keep in mind here that I’m leaving out about an hours worth of conversation (the time it took for him to figure it out).  It seems they were having a Pizza Party that evening and no one was available to explain the problem to my Rep.


A very long and frustrating hour later I was transferred to what was supposed to be the appropriate department and after another 30 minutes or so on hold, I found out that I was in fact NOT at the right department and was sent back into the hold system until ultimately (another 30 minutes later), I got to Account Resolutions.  You can imagine that by this time I was not exactly a “happy camper”.  I was tired, the people were hard to understand and I just wanted to get my card issue fixed and apply it to my order.


Well, I did finally make it to the Account Resolutions Center and for the third time I explained my problem and read my card number.  The representative was very nice and very apologetic.  “No problem Miss Kellie”, I’ll make sure to get this taken care of” she says.  And then…  “If you just wouldn’t mind holding while I go find out what is wrong”… So, another 30 minutes later she comes back and she tells me it is all fixed.

She explained about how the card went dormant and how they’d reissue it.  All I needed to do was call back in a couple of days to complete the process.  I was pretty worried about that one.  I mean nearly three hours had gone by and I wasn’t looking forward to going through it another time on a call back, but she assured me it would not be a problem.  Like a big dummy, I trusted her.  I hung up the phone and was happy to feel my ear again.


An hour later she called me back.  Apparently even after 4 times, no one had bothered to write down the card number.  It was at this time that I began to become nervous about the whole thing.  I explained my concerns to her and about how long it had taken to get to the right person.  She assured me (and again I believed her) that she would personally take care of it.  The card would be applied as a “Back End Credit” and she would call me back herself to verify the whole process.


Fast forward another week… My monitor arrived and I was quite satisfied with it, but I STILL had not heard back from Account Resolutions.  That same day I received an email from HP with a replacement gift card number, so I decided it might be a good idea to call back myself.  YUP – you guessed it… Right back into the hold system I went and even after everything I’d gone through, there appeared to be no record on file of what happened or what was supposed to take place.


The Account Representative appeared to not understand anything that I explained to him and ultimately told me that they were “waiting to hear back from the Corporate Office”.  I remember thinking that was very odd.  I insisted on an answer and he assured me he would call me later that afternoon.  Well, that was last week and as of today I still had not received the call or the credit.


So here we are to today and I finally decided to call them back again.  The hold time was reasonable and my Representative was friendly and that is about the only good thing I have to say.  Apparently they are not allowed to do back end credits and they aren’t allowed to change an order after it has been placed.  So I explained the entire ordeal to her again and once again I went on hold.  A short time later she came back and verified that “no, I would not be allowed to use this gift card as a credit”.  I was ABSOLUTELY dumbfounded!!  I must have talked to at LEAST 6 different people at various times and every single one of them assured me that my order would be taken care of appropriately.


I asked to talk to a Supervisor and of course I got back the “I AM a Supervisor” response.  There was not getting around it – they had no plans to follow through on the promises I’d received.


So, here I am today and I’m mad as hell.  Not only was I lied to by numerous people at HP Home Store, but I wasted at least 5 hours of my time on this.


THIS, my friends is NOT good Customer Service and this is the reason that I would never, ever recommend you do business with Hewlett Packard.  I know I never will again.  I would have to say that not only is this bad service, but is borderline fraud.

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