Yanni Truth of Touch Album Review

I was recently given a copy of the new Yanni, Truth of Touch Album from One 2 One Network to review.   These opinions are purely my own and I received no compensation other than the Album to review.

For anyone not familiar with Yanni, he is a self-taught pianist, keyboardist, and composer known the world over for his contemporary instrumental music.  His first Grammy nominated album, Dare to Dream was released in 1992 and since that time, he has accumulated over 35 platinum and gold albums.  His compositions are commonly used for sporting events, including the Olympic Games.

Some people describe Yanni’s music as “New Age”, but I’ve always thought of it as more “Contemporary Easy Listening”.  I first became familiar with Yanni’s music through a Yoga class many years ago.  His piano solos are my favorite to use for relaxing and falling asleep.

Yanni’s latest Truth of Touch Album was released in February of this year and you can sample the songs and purchase through Amazon.  Yanni’s US tour started in March.  He will be performing at theaters in 40 major cities across the United States, including Radio City Music Hall in New York City and the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles.  You can find his tour schedule here:

I listened to this album 3 times (twice at work and once at home relaxing) and I have mixed feelings about it.   These compositions seem very different than the other Yanni music I’m familiar with.  It isn’t a bad album, just different.

There are 15 tracks on this album.  My favorite Tracks were:

Tracks 1 – 3:  “Truth of Touch”, “Echo of a Dream” and “Seasons” all have a typical Yanni flare to them.  Touch of Truth has a light, but also serious quality to it.   Echo of a Dream is very relaxing and really does give you the impression that you’re in a dream.  Seasons is also very relaxing and enjoyable.  I found all three of these tracks to be nice background music for work.

Track 4 – “Voyage”:  I can only describe this song as “interesting”.  It gave me the impression that something was about to happen and I thought it was appropriately named.

Track 5:  “Flash of Color” is a fun song with a funky and playful feel to it.

Track 15:  “Secret” is different because it contains vocals.  It’s slow and romantic and would be great for setting the “mood” for a romantic evening with someone special.

The rest of the album is very techno and electronic sounding – It is the type of sound that I consider to be true “New-Age” music.  Several of the later tracks have a romantic, Spanish kind of sound with a slight electronic/new age quality.  I should note that Track 13 – Yanni and Arturo is also a vocal, but it is in Spanish.  It sounds like a very romantic song and reminds me of the opera.

I would recommend this album to anyone who likes instrumental music.  The arrangements do seem to fit the titles.  The CD would serve as a nice mood setter for a romantic dinner, but also has just enough Jazz to use for a refreshing yoga workout.


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  1. I just saw this over at Books R Us too 🙂 I listened to a couple of the clips and it sounds very relaxing!

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